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International projects implemented under bilateral cooperation on the basis of intergovernmental agreements

  • A panEuroean framework for strengthening Crotical Infrastructure resilience to climate change (EU-CIRCLE)  

HORIZON 2020 project, realized with Leader National Center for Scientific Research "DEMOKRITOS" Greece and 19 other partners.

Project Coordinator - Prof. K. Kołowrocki

  • Towards Intelligent Micro-Bearings - Tribological Aspects (IMBeing)        

Leader - Politechnika Gdańska

Project Coordinator - Prof.  A. Miszczak

  • IAMU Research Projekt FY 2012 "IAMU Model Course for Electro-Technical Officers IETO"

IAMU RESEARCH PROJECT FY 2012 between the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) and Odessa National Maritime Academy (ONMA)

Project Coordinator of EU Region - Prof.  J. Mindykowski

  • Study on New Technology Development of Power Quality Assesment on Shipboard

Under the agreement on intergovernmantal science and technology cooperation between Poland and People's Republic of China. Project realized with Shanghai Maritime University

Project manager - Prof.  J. Mindykowski

  • Smart Power Electronics Arrangements and Control Methods for Active Power Distribution Grids

Under the agreement on scientific cooperation between The Polish Academy of Sciences and The Estonian Academy of Sciences. Project realized with Tallin University of Technology

Project manager - Prof. R. Strzelecki

  • SAT-AIS-PL Phase A

Realized for Eupean Space Agency - Advanced Research in Telecommunication Systems (ARTES) with leader: "Creotech Insruments SA" Polska and 4 other partners.

Project manager - M. Waraksa

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